Athlete's Basic Nutrition - (Part 2)

25 Sep

          How can athletes manage to secure a stable healthy lifestyle?

A little investigation into their way of life will result in one rule "Moderation". Through the concept of moderation, athletes managed to maintain a healthful body.

Moderation in their diets:

Eating too little will lead to the deficiency of vital energy and lowering body resistance; Binging on food will lead to nausea and vomiting. Nonetheless, too much snacking in the evening will result in a troublesome digestion and an upsetting sleep.

“If the stomach is not soothing, the sleep will be disturbed “.

Too much chicken, fish, meat, and eggs can cause the accumulation of internal heat and ulcer. Hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases are the results of an uncontrollable appetite.

Five Disadvantages of over-eating:

1. Excess of stool (loose bowels caused by the harm done to the intestines and stomach)

2. Excess of urine

3. Disturbance of sleep

4. Overweight with ugly body form

5. Indigestion

       To ensure a good health, the body needs all types of nutrients, so the diet must be rich and diversified, that’s why it’s reasonable for one to avoid any type of monotonous diet such as a vegan diet, for their lack of important nutrients; Unless you are a vegan yourself, then you should take supplements to protect against deficiencies.

Eating light and simple food:

That does not mean bland food, but rather that the five flavors – sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty must be present in moderate quantity.

Too much-flavored food will result in the following:

1) Too much salty food: thickens the blood vessels

2) Too much bitter food: dry skin and hair loss

3) Too much pungent food: tight sinews and dry nails

4) Too much sour food: thick and shrank skin, and dry chap lips

5) Too much sweet food: harming the bones and loss of hair.

THE SOLUTION: Three Balanced Meals.

Three meals a day with an interval between them of five hours will conform the normal physiological conditions because the food usually remains in the stomach for 4-5 hours.

Studies confirm that if one eats three meals a day, the intestines and stomach can fully absorb ALL THE NUTRIENTS in the food.


Just follow the ancient Chinese saying “Eat well for breakfast, eat full at lunch, and eat less for supper “

By eating well and full for breakfast and lunch, you can absorb the nutrients fully and guarantee the energy needed for a day’s labor work and sports activities.

[Side Note 1] Middle-aged and older people should be aware that eating too much may lead to hypertension and coronary disease

[Side Note 2] Middle-aged and older people should have a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

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