Athlete's Belief - (Part 1)

21 Dec

To clarify, we are going to talk about the Athlete’s belief and its importance when it comes to physical and mental performances. In addition to its necessity and crucial role as a source of fuel for the athlete’s path.

If you think win, the result will be a win. The right results are inevitable when your thoughts are positive, constructive, and synchronizing.

       Turnover your thoughts with faith and confidence, and your subconscious will do the rest, never contradict your thought by negative phrases like “I hope I can make it, I wish I will get that win, I’m all mixed up now, let me focus”, in case of contradictions, you will inevitably fail; the lack of confidence or too much effort will not get you anywhere, like a person waiting for a bus, you won’t go forward nor backward, you’re stuck in an everlasting contradictory loop. This is why you must have Faith and Love in what you are doing and why you are doing it. According to your belief is it done unto you.

       Every successful athlete eradicated the belief that something or someone can harm them. Their faith is based on the good, the better, and the perfect. They don’t dwell on negative people such as family, friends or society, nor do they dwell on negative setbacks, such as failures, losses and so forth. they are fully present in the good, the better and the perfect, because nothing can harm you and no one can ever deceive you if you are present with the belief that only greatness shall happen and only success is my result.

       Don’t dwell on the details and the means, don’t just focus on the intellectual part of the process and neglect a much more important aspect “The Belief “. To believe is to accept something as true, to live in the state of being it. Be that success, be that Glory, and be the champion.

       First, one must check-in on the problem that is blocking him from getting in touch with his core, with his Inner-Belief:

1)    Acknowledge and admit the problem

2)    Turn the problem to your subconscious that within it you shall find the answer

3)    Rest with a sense of deep conviction that it is done

And the process will follow.

Doubts and hesitations will knock you out. Don’t say to yourself “I wish I’ve done differently in X situation” or “I hope this works”, don’t dwell in the past, and NEVER forecast doubts and hesitations into future events.


       A lesson I learned from Emile Coué, a French psychologist, is “The Law of Reverse Effort”.  Suppose you were asked to deadlift 180KG off the floor, If you are a strong athlete, you would easily do it, Now suppose you were asked to deadlift the same weight but deficit by standing on 30 centimeters, would you be able? Could you? Probably not. Your desire to deadlift it would come into conflict with your imagination, you would imagine yourself failing in front of your pals or your crush, or even worse popping a vertebra. The more effort you put on suppressing the image of popping that vertebrae, the more power you give it.

       The thought of “I will use my willpower to overcome my failure” reinforces the thought of failure.  To focus on the need to exert willpower is to emphasize the condition of powerlessness. The subconscious will accept the stronger of two contradictory propositions.

       You must realize where your error lies. You are trying too hard. Never try to compel the subconscious mind to accept your idea by exercising willpower. Such attempts doomed to failure. All too often you end up getting the opposite of what you were praying for. And that’s because you neglected Faith, your Belief System isn’t Right nor complete. To use mental force or willpower is to presuppose that there is opposition. But the act of imagining opposition creates opposition.

Whatever you imagine and feel as true WILL and MUST come to pass.                                                                                   

                    Mental coercion or too much effort shows anxiety and fear that block the results.

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