Athlete's Belief - (Part 2)

08 Jan

William James, the father of American Psychology said that "In every human being there is a limitless reservoir of power that can overcome any problem in the world".

The athlete’s belief is not a thought or a mere idea, his belief is a complex archetype that consists and intertwine with the cognition, the emotion and the spiritual.

His belief can never be captured by others, nor re-framed, nor dissolved while confronting the obstacles in life.

If your belief can be captured by others, or dissolved like sugar in water, you don’t have a true belief system, what you have may be merely a thought attached to an emotion, and that’s it. The End.

An athlete is a militant for his own higher purpose, his belief has structured him to be self-aware and to discipline himself to be transparent with one’s self. For that, he is but himself and all that he is aiming for is nothing but his higher self, and all his investments throughout his timeline are paid by one currency… “Belief”.

His belief prohibits him from mocking others in his field, whether in the gym or in private discussions, his belief outlaws the shaming of the losses of adversaries and/or colleagues.

A true athlete can never say “Hah, What an imbecile, If I were there I would have played it differently”.

An Athlete understands the nature of hardship, and comprehend that outside the scope of his own ego, there is a collective truth and that hardship takes several forms and metamorphoses into different scenes and incidents… By this understanding, he establishes pillars to his empire, refuels himself and his belief with success and glory.

       An athlete is loyal to the sacred pledge he gave to himself on “that night”. He doesn’t exchange any part of his pledge for a mere reward or a quick gain, he takes seriously the law of his belief and doesn’t recede no matter the power of what is presented in front of him.

His belief disallows to indulge in an inner dispute “What if the opponent cheats, what about my DNA limitations, what if I sneak this medical tactic I would get the win, wouldn’t I”

His Belief is clear and organized.

       An athlete doesn’t masquerade his belief, nor chameleon-it for little wins, he doesn’t cheat starting with himself. He is too busy accumulating the right resources to embody his vision and materialize and concretize his empire. For he understands that for him it’s not about the medals, nor the cheering of the fan, nor a social acceptance. It is solely A BELIEF, a path of peace, joy, serenity, riches of wealth and success.

Tomorrow’s wins are engraved inside the psyche of the athlete, and from there he knows that the future is already within him.

What habits he developed in the past, what attitude and discipline he is carving in his present, will be formed as his future.

For the Future, is nowhere but within.

The Future is nowhere but within.

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