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12 Apr

Ever wondered why Professional Athletes have Personal Trainers ?

In this article we present the WHYS of having a personal trainer matters for athletes as well as for the general public. Personal Trainers whether Fitness Certified, Strength Certified, Crossfit Certified or Calisthenics Certified, studied throughout their diploma's curriculum the mistakes that people do and learned how to correct them through adequate solutions. Without further ado, Lets' DIG IN ! 

          Mistake #1: NO GOAL

SOLUTION: Make sure you have a training journal to record your training, make sure that you aim for a target... either in gym for repetitions or weights, or on the track where you aim at time and distance... whatever your sport is, focus on a goal... make it happen and record it.

          Mistake #2: MISCONCEPTION OF QUALITY

SOLUTION: Quality does not abides by the quantity alone, focus your energies on improving your technique instead.

          Mistake #3: FATIGUE SEEKING

SOLUTION: The effectiveness of a workout is by the degree which it improves the qualities and/or abilities you're trying to develop, not by how much pain it produces... Manage The Fatigue, Don't Seek It.

          Mistake #4: EXCESSIVE LOADS

SOLUTION: Lighten Up! I know the amount of weight does matter, but it isn't the only consideration by any means, for example, if you need a spotter, straps, knee sleeves or Other Supportive Method that DIRECTLY means that you're moving the weight too slowly... SO LIGHT IT UP !! Because you really didn't lift more weight at all, you just appeared to have lifted more!

          Mistake #5: INSUFFICIENT DIVERSITY

EXPLANATION: Unchanging training routines lead to overuse of injuries, where athletes are particularly vulnerable since their training tends to become more and more specific over time.

SOLUTION: Make sure to provide enough variety so that your workouts remain challenging and therefore, productive... And No I'm not suggesting changing your workout on a daily weekly or monthly basis because then you'll never get enough practice on any single exercise to get better at it.

                    Manage The Fatigue, Don't Seek It - Fouad El Fil

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