Nutrition & Injury

05 Oct

       Living as an Athlete is the definition of stretching the body’s boundaries and test its limits, thus injuries inevitably occur, often in forms of strains or sprains. Strains cause the muscle fibers to overstretch and tear while Sprains occur when the ligaments which hold the bones in place are torn or stretched beyond their capacity. For that injuries must be taken care of as fast as possible

       Apart from the medical drugs and surgeries, nutrition for recovery was underrated for so long and kept out of the spotlight; for it to be shined upon in this release and shown its true capabilities. Injuries can heal better and quicker when the proper nutrients are taken throughout the recovery phase. Muscle & joint injuries are avoidable when taken the suitable nutrients.

       As discussed in an earlier post about the importance of vitamins and how they play a crucial role in our body; I offer a scheme that when followed shall further you from any injury occurrences.

  • Starting your day with oatmeal which is a primary source of octacosanol, increases muscle oxygenation and helps prevent inflammation and Muscle Soreness ; being a rich source of vitamin E it is essential for healing. Oats provide silicon, which supports connective tissue formation. 
  • Alkaline food like fresh fruits, vegetables and raw juices offset the negative effects of acidic waste. 
  • Chromium-rich food such as cheese helps the body use glucose more efficiently preventing strains and sprains. 
  • Food high in calcium like dairy products such as milk ensures the health and integrity of bones, that’s coupled with the idea that after an injury, food high in calcium speed the healing process. 
  • Post workout meal is essential for athletes, making chicken an excellent source of lean protein and other important nutrients like Niacin.

 Keeping it short .. Lesson Learned: 

  • Good Nutrition helps to Recover And Heal - Good Nutrition protects your immune system and fight infections.
  • Good Nutrition helps in maintaining strength and prolongs energy production.
  • Good nutrition prevents muscle breakdown.
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