The ABC’s of Weight Training - (Part 1)

06 Feb

For quite a while there have been misconceptions that still exist in our current days, for the sake of clearance, shedding the light on them was a must:

A) Will weightlifting decrease or destabilize growth? 

Weightlifting has been proven to be safe and useful for people of all ages, as a sport or as a therapeutic procedure. The most important thing is to implement the proper forms, any mistakes in the form of the exercise might affect the physical functionality.

B) Testosterone And Growth Hormone Common misconception you may bump into is the idea that Testosterone will increase 8 to 10 folds after doing some excessive training. While the truth is that Compound Movements(Dead Lifts, Squats, etc..) and Olympic weightlifting exercises might increase your Test. & G.H, but that’s on a minimal level and will last for utmost a minute. George Yu, MD, a urology professor at the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, D.C., says that, for many men with low testosterone, poor sleep has been noticed as the most detrimental factor. A lack of sleep affects a variety of hormones and chemicals in your body. This, in turn, can have a harmful impact on your testosterone. If you want to increase your Test. SLEEP, that’s when the largest quantities are produced,If you want to release G.H, do some endurance Training.

C) Harden the exercise between truth and misconceptions: Some think that by making an exercise harder they will be improving their gains , for example those who bench press while adding accessories or releasing their feet in mid-air, or those who pistol-squat on the BOSU-BALL ... what they’re ultimately doing has nothing to do with gains, how come???... take the concept of you training biceps curls and I shoot you in the balls, well technically I made it harder, but no gains will be added >_< .

The solution must be rational, proven its effectiveness and worth your time, thus I suggest :

  • Super-set the same muscle 
  • Do grand sets 
  • Pyramid training 

These guidelines will increase the potential of muscle-mass building.

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