The ABC’s of Weight Training - (Part 2)

22 Mar

A) Are Push-ups useless?

When looking at body-weight exercises and comparing them to free-weights and machines; your instinct will ultimately favor the body-weight exercises.

Like the DIP, a great body-weight exercise that standout all its competitors; an exercise that reaches certain sets then you are recommended to grab your dip belt and add weights.

Unfortunately, when it comes to Push-ups, things don’t go accordingly, because, after two plates, things will become dangerous, thus if you can find a SAFE way to add weight to your push-ups, then you are outstanding bench press in the long run.

B) Negative Training

For Combat Sports and other sports that utilize momentum and explosiveness; Negative training is a key to their progress.

When utilizing a negative training you should slow down between 4 & 6 seconds, any time beyond 6 seconds will cause cellular damage, and if you’re new to negative training, expect a significant drop in your usual weights.

- Practical example: when you're bench-pressing, the amount of time dropping down the barbell to your chest must be between 4 and 6 seconds, that’s why it’s called negative, you're trying to resist the power of gravity, so you can kick it back with the explosiveness desired.

Surely you won’t be able to play down the 100KG barbell in 6 secs but you can achieve that with a 50KG barbell.

C) The two fundamental key-points

No matter what type of routine you’re undertaking makes sure to get proper rest and recovery.

It does not matter which training system (Strength, Hypertrophy, Plyometrics, Cross Fitness) you’re following, keep in mind that the most important concepts of progress are adequate rest and recovery.

If you ignore these two fundamental key-points, your body will grab you by your head and shut you down, hence stagnating your progress.

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